Monday Lower Body Training

After having set an all-time PR on my equipped bench press with 457lbs, I'm now in off season mode getting back to some heavy training while running my gym, THIRST.

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I opted to give my new year a kick by taking some time off and trying to sync my training up with my wife as much as possible. This way we get to train 2-4 days per week together, with me being able to get 1-2 sessions solo for myself. My hernia incision was having some referred nerve pain, so taking some of those days off was actually for the better. At this point I'm still only about 7 weeks post op, so I've still got a lot of room for improvement on all fronts. My goal is to be able to get back to some barbell work by week 12 post op, but we just have to take it one day at a time.

Items Used in this Training Session

Warm Up
Tons of PRI Based Stuff

A1) Seated Leg Curls

B1) Leg Press

C1) Bulgarian Split Squats
3x8 per leg

D1) Leg Extensions

E2) Ab Wheel Rollouts


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