Thurs, 14 Mar 19

ME OH @ Smash Fitness

We got to Bonita Springs, FL early this morning and got checked in to the hotel.  I really wanted/needed to move and do some training so I headed out to what looked like the most promising gym in the area to do a little training before heading back to the airport to pick up my Mom and sister.  It wasn't a great training day, but a lot of that was by my own doing.  It was also a helluva lot better than sitting around with my thumb up my butt.

AmBar Incline Bench










Paused AmBar Rows/Incline Reverse Crunches



Sled Push (35' on rubber flooring)

2x sled

2x sled+25

2x sled+50

4x sled+75

Notes: the American Bar was most definitely NOT an American Bar.  It was some weird (read...stupid) imitation that was much wider for no apparent reason which only served to cause me to have to change the bar path for incline bench which bothered my left wrist and right shoulder and shift the weight away from me on rows.  This was half decent gym overall from what I saw, though not as awesome as the front desk guy claimed when I was buying a guest pass.

They did have a legit donkey calf raise machine, the likes of which I haven't seen in about 14 years since I was training at The Weight Club while I was at Virginia Tech.  This is a seriously under-rated piece of equipment that should be in wider production and utilization.

This was the only day I was able to get in any training in FL since I was down there to get married (more on this and other recent stuff in my life soon) and either had other things to do or just wanted to relax and do stuff that I can't do when I go back home in a few days.