Today was my second week of Front Loaded Yoke Bar Box Squats to work on upper back strength/tightness. My back and hamstrings need a lot of work in general (like most people), so I also worked in GHR deadlifts (something I started seeing from Julia Ladewski - video below), and followed that with regular GHRs, and Chin-Ups. No video today, but next week I'm going to work to get back on track with getting more video of all these movements..

Secondary Lower @ Ohio University:

Warm-Up: 5 minute Incline Treadmill Walk (11% incline)

A1. Standing Hamstring Curls on Leg Extension - 4x15 per leg

A2. Leg Extensions - 4x15

B. Front Loaded SS Yoke Bar Squats Box Squats to Slightly Above Parallel Box - 5x5 w/ 260lbs + front loaded bands (20 lb increase from last week)

C. GHR Deadlifts - 4x10 w/ 135lbs (video from the Ladewski's on movement below)


D1. GHRs w/ Hands Behind Head - 4x6-8 (max reps)

D2. Chin-Ups - 4x10


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