Wed, 6 June 18

Lower @ BSG

As those who have been reading have probably seen, any and all DL work is being done in my suit for my training leading up to USS nats.  Today was more work for car deadlift followed by work on pulling higher for loading atlas stones.

Mullet DL (w/ Suit)

barbell warmups:





switch to car DL frame with barbell:

8x45 + frame

8x135 + frame - Switch to 14" pulls.

6x135 + 700 - Loaded the 700 lb tire on the car DL frame.

4x185 + 700 - Add Metal Jack DL suit.

3x225 + 700

2x3x275 + 700 - Video of first set.

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I had planned to go up to at least 315 in bar weight here today, but as you can see in the video, I struggled with 275, even though it did feel easier than last week, I felt like the frame was shifting or I was not getting into a good starting position so I opted not to go up and risk a rectal prolapse with only about 3 more weeks til competition time.

Atlas Stone Squats


First set was a little low and a little slow, second set was MUCH better, and third set was best set.

Standing Calf Raises/Reverse Hypers/Incline Reverse Crunches



I had to cut the last sets of low back and ab work short due to massive pump and massive cramping, respectively.  I tried to rest a little bit before driving back to my apartment and walked around Brute doing the fat man lean on various pieces of equipment that were of appropriate height, but the low back pump hit me hard about halfway back and I seriously considered pulling off the interstate and laying down on the side of the road to calm it down.  I made it back and immediately crashed on the floor like a crossfitter after the WOD.