Thurs, 31 Oct 19

Block 3, Week 7, Day 3 - Deload OH/BP

My schedule is flipped this morning from an early day to a late day so I had to do my training in the AM.  It went as well as could be expected, just took me longer to get my butt in gear.

Log C&J

complex x 85

complex x 135



1x225 - Made this my first work set because my last warmup set felt awful.

4x1x245 - Things got better, but not better enough to bump the weight up and still feel like a deload.

Bench Press





5x1x275 - First set awful, each one after got a little better.

NG DB Seal Rows

3x15x45 - Super redneck setup for this, but it mostly worked.

Didn't have time to sculpt my guns or get a ripped six pack this morning, but I got in the basic stuff.

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