Sat, 26 Aug 17

Throws & Events

So...many...hammer throws.  I broke out the blades for only the second time today to try and figure out how to use them on hammer for highland games.  The first time I tried to use them, I had problems with the ground being too hard/dry and with too many rocks.  This is probably mostly due to me being an idiot and standing too close to the parking lot to throw.  I moved way out into the field at Iron Strong today and they worked exactly as advertised.  I was still sucking the hind teat on all my throws though until the very end.  This is because I was still standing up pretty straight instead of leaning back, which is the whole point of the blades.  They bolt to the bottom of your boots and stick out in front and you stab them into the ground to help anchor you to the ground so you can contort your body into all kinds of funky positions that wouldn't otherwise be possible.  At the very end, after way too many throws for me to keep count, I finally started to figure it out.  Hopefully I can hold onto this until next weekend when I will try again to suck less at hammer.  After all that, I headed to the Unit and did massively better on event training than I did last weekend.

Light Hammer

did some winds

A LOT of 1 wind throws

a few 2 wind throws

almost as many full throws as 1 winds

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Farmer's Walk (turns @ 50')

100' x 110

100' x 200

2x100' x 250

I was sucking on my turns.  I know how to turn and before and after my runs I was noting what needed to be done, but I kept forgetting how to do them fast on all my actual runs.

Atlas Stone Shouldering

2x6x200 - Alternating shoulders