Tues, 5 Sept 17

Lower I

So far so good with my plan to autoregulate versus follow percentages set in stone.  Initially I am allowing RPE to grossly determine how heavy I go.  More specifically, once I think the weight feels like doo doo I don't go heavier until it feels easier or I stay there.  Secondly, I am using technique breakdown as a cue to stop.  Even when I feel good, if my technique is significantly breaking down and I can't correct then it's time to stop going up or end the set.  Finally, I am working on improvements through total work volume, if not peak intensity, but this may take a backseat when/if I feel like a sack of smashed butt holes.  My right biceps feels like it is pretty much back to normal today.  I'm still going to continue my rehab and structure training to minimize risk of re-injury for a while longer, but I can definitely tell that my approach to fixing it is working well.

SS Yoke Bar Box Squat










I felt great today, but stopped at 415 because I was increasingly scooting forward when I would start to come out of the hole to recruit more quads, which also happens to be a great way to jack up your knees and is a compensation for being out of position or lacking tightness in my middle parts.


3x{10x315/30ea x avg band}

I stayed lighter on the RDLs because I felt like I was short on the right side of my trunk which was alternately causing me to twist my hips or, when I corrected for that, to feel some strain in my right erectors.  Also, I was careful to scrape the bar up and down my legs on every rep to keep stress off my biceps.

Lateral Lunges/Back Extensions/Single Leg Calves

3x{10ea x 25/15x55/30ea x BW}

Biceps Rehab