Currently: 3 Weeks into Post-Meet Training

..There are some good pre-workout supplements out there; but high prices (for good ones), can add up quickly. In addition to that, if you have mental health or digestive issues (which can actually be linked, which I will be going into more in the future), you may be wanting something simple that provides you energy but isn't wrecking your stomach or giving you additional anxiety or burnout.

For the last year or two, I was just drinking a can of Monster Zero-Calorie about 30 mins before training. I liked the simplicity of it, but the drinks would still sometimes mess with my stomach. I then added in a stimulant strain of Kratom (which I wrote an article about HERE - Make sure to read my article before considering use of Kratom). Kratom has had really positive effects on my anxiety/depression, focus, and energy, so I wanted to continue taking Kratom with caffeine, but without the digestive issues I would get from the Monster.

When I switched over to a primarily whole food diet a few weeks ago (which has helped my digestion and made me feel dramatically better in general); I wanted to switch to a more natural caffeine source, but coffee has always bothered my stomach when I would train. Fortunately, I found out that Cold-Brewing Coffee reduces acidity of coffee by 60-70%. I tried some cold brew coffee and found it didn't bother my stomach at all (and was stronger and tasted great). I bought a small cold-brew coffee pot for like $25, and started making my own (each batch lasts me about a week). You can easily make it yourself if you look up some directions online, but the coffee pot makes it super simple.

So with the continued effectiveness of Kratom, and the discovery of how I could get a good dose of caffeine without the digestive issues; I found a good combination I've been using pre-workout:

High-Energy & Low Acidic Pre-Workout Combo:

  • 3g of Maeng Da Kratom Powder - 45-60 mins before training on empty stomach (but making sure I'm hydrated).*
  • 16oz of Cold-Brewed Coffee (diluted with water) mixed with Stevia & Ice Cubes - After taking the Kratom, 30-45 mins before training.
  • Note: I've mixed the Kratom with the Coffee before too, and it wasn't bad, but I just prefer to take a shot of the Kratom in about 6 ounces of water quickly, and then sipping on the coffee.

*Like I discussed in my article, I only use Kratom 4x a week when I train, so that way I don't get too used to it.

...I've found that this combo works great for me, and I feel great throughout training and the time afterwords. If I make any additional tweaks, I'll be sure to post it in my log - So keep an eye out!

coffee pic for news article