Thurs, 28 Mar 19


Today was nothing special, but I did everything I had programmed without having to sandbag anything and I enjoyed it and felt great doing it (relatively speaking, because tugging in my suit never really feels great).  If my training is finally getting back in line, it's time to step up my efforts to get my diet and cardio nailed down.

Note to anyone trying to add in or make changes to all 3 (training, diet, cardio) at once - do one at a time instead.  I've been doing this shit for 20 years and trying to do it all at once is a good way to fail at all 3.  Not to say it can't be done, but if you have limited time and a bunch of other life shit that requires energy and attention and causes stress, getting one thing in line at a time works MUCH better.  Even when you've done it all many times before and know what you're doing.

Suited 13" Chain Axle DL (4 sets of chains)

20x70 - No chains

10x170 - Add chains


2x310 - Add suit

8x2x355 - Rest 30 sec

2x405 - Still fast

2x455 - Maybe even faster

I'm still tugging in my larger Jack DL suit and it's definitely not getting loose on me.  This means I'm still a disgusting fat body, but at least training is looking up.  And everything was faster than my last DE DL day where I used less weight.

DB RFE SS/Incline Reverse Crunches

2x{10ea x 60/15xBW}

10ea x 70/12xBW

Single DB in the opposite arm of my front foot and it felt so good.  The only downside was that I was cracking off some gnarly ass gas which became somewhat overpowering in the confines of my garage gym.  This is another thing that would be improved with a better diet.  And while I love a good audible as much as the next guy, assuming he has any semblance of a sense of humor, it's much more fun when you are gassing out your friends and enemies than just choking off your own oxygen supply.

Seated Calf Raises/Single Leg Hypers

3x{25x195/10ea x BW}