DISCLAIMER: I am an individual with scattered thoughts! Sometimes, the shit that I say won't make sense due to the fact that I will go from one topic to another. If at any point you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, tell me in the comments! I appreciate the feedback. Thank you!

Since I have taken the last week off and I don't have any training to log, I figured I could talk about my powerlifting background as well as my plans for the offseason. For anyone that will be following my training log, you can get an idea of where I started when I decided to delve into the great sport of powerlifting. It will also help me to look back on my beginning trials when I become impatient with the new obstacles I'll be facing down the road. By the way, am I the only one who goes absolutely insane without training for a week?! Let's just say I'm ready to get back to it. Anyways...

I began my powerlifting journey the same way many of us do, with Jim Wendler's 5/3/1. I was told to start this program by one of my good friends, Joe Schillero. Joe and I were coworkers at the University of Akron's Recreation and Wellness Center and I knew that Joe had recently competed in a powerlifting competition. When I started asking Joe a million questions about it, he told me to just read the 5/3/1 eBook. Fast forward 10 months and I competed with Joe at the  2012 USAPL Ohio State Championships in Bedford, OH for my very first competition. I competed in the 198lb class (raw - no wraps) and totaled 1315 with a 465 squat, 315 bench and a 535 deadlift. This is when I knew I caught the IRON BUG.

Joe and I qualified for the Push/Pull Invitational for the 2013 Arnold Classic which would be my second competition. I hit a super shitty 285 bench and got stapled with 315 not once, but TWICE. Did I mention that my dumbass thought it was a good idea to cut ten pounds for a meet that had morning of weigh ins? I'm not saying it can't be done but for a novice lifter doing a push/pull meet? Not a good idea. I did somehow come out with a 584lb deadlift for a 49lb PR. Now, instead of boring you with the details of every meet I have ever done, I will just list them for you so we can see the progressions (or lack there of) as I continue on my journey from super duper raw dog to the DARKSIDE OF MULTIPLY....th

  • 2013 Lexen Xtreme Fall Classic - 198lb Class Raw No Wraps - 500 Squat, 330 Bench, 570 Deadlift - 1400 Total
  • 2014 APF Senior Nationals - 242lb Class MultiPly - 711 Squat, 474 Bench, 622 Deadlift - 1808 Total
  • 2014 WPC Worlds - 220lb Class MultiPly - 683 Squat, 462 Bench, 600 Deadlift - 1747 Total
  • 2015 RPS Spring Fling - 198lb Class MultiPly - 760 Squat, 500 Bench, 585 Deadlift - 1845 Total (First Elite Total)
  • 2015 UPA Winter Rack Attack - 220lb Class MultiPly - 804 Squat, 529 Bench, 606 Deadlift - 1940 Total
  • 2016 XPC Finals (Elite Day) - 220lb Class MultiPly - 820 Squat, 520 Bench, 570 Deadlift - 1910 Total

Now as you can see, I've had quite a few peaks and valleys in the years that I've been in the sport. It's good to look back on things like this because it shows how for many of us, not every meet is going to be perfect. Some meets might just really fucking suck.. and I've only been in the sport for four years. Some of my teammates have been in it for DECADES and I'm sure every single one of them can attest to the fact that you're not always going to be hitting PRs.

To me, that's been the fun of it. Yea sure, nobody likes having God awful meets. The thing is though is that it's the terrible meets that make you sit down and change things up. These are the meets that force you to sit down and think, brainstorm or even seek advice.

The seeking advice aspect is a big reason as to why I founded Akron Barbell Club at The University of Akron. When I worked at the Rec Center on campus, I had a ton of people always asking me for advice on powerlifting.  The questions ranged from form critiquing, to meet prep advice, to meet registration....you get the picture. Don't get me wrong, I could talk about powerlifting for days and I loved helping people out. It was just frustrating that I couldn't spread the good word of the Iron Gods on a broader scale. That was when I sought the advice of my buddy Michael Tanner, who founded Purdue Barbell at Purdue University. Starting the club was one of the best decisions I made in my college career because it enabled me to actually pass on all the information, mistakes, lessons learned etc. that I have experienced myself.  It is seriously an awesome feeling to share your passion with a large group of like minded and strong individuals.

If you have any sort of passion for powerlifting, I challenge you...I challenge you that by the end of the year, you do something positive for the sport. Whether it is starting your own collegiate team, or becoming a certified judge at your local meets...a lot of people doing small things can equal a big and POSITIVE change. Be louder than the negative 1% by your actions and not your words. Actions speak LOUDER!

So, now you know a little bit more about me. It was a pleasure telling a small snippet of my story to you and I hope that you will come back for more. Oh, and good news! Training starts TOMORROW! I will discuss my plans for the off season along with what I did in the gym. TIME TO GET HOOGE! Adios!