Sun, 30 Jul 17

Block 13, Wave 3 - BP & Throws

I took Saturday off since my plan is to finish up training today and tomorrow with bench and deads and some throws and then head to Scotland.  It might have been better to finish the day before leaving (so today) instead, but I think training 4 days in a row would not have been a good idea in terms of staying healthy.

Axle Bench








I opted not to do my final set of 1x340 today because now my right psoas is starting to act up (probably from compensating for the left one) and any kind of arching made things worse and I'm my already poverty bench is even more pathetic when I do it with a flat back instead of an arch.

Light Hammer

2x10 winds

3 throws x 1 wind

3 throws x 2 winds

6 throws x 3 winds

I got my hammer blades in the mail yesterday so of course I immediately went out on the garage and bolted them to an old pair of boots.  Walking around in boots with big, sharp blades sticking out the front of them is really incredible awkward.  My throws were all pretty good (for me), but I felt like I wasn't using the blades right and it was causing me to be off balance and out of position even more so than usual.  Based on this and since I'm leaving tomorrow, I will not take them with me to compete since I'm still so new to all this that it would most likely be more of a hindrance than a help.