Thurs, 14 Sept 17


PT school graduation was this morning so only one more year until I'm a high fallutin' doctor myself.  My state of recovery on all fronts is pretty crappy right now so I stuck to my guns and went in the garage gym and only did my main exercise again today in order to facilitate both not digging my own grave and also allowing enough energy and brain function to study for the rest of the night for my last quiz of the week.  I know quizzes don't sound difficult when you hear the word, but when the subject is therapy and rehabilitation of patients with neurological dysfunctions like stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, etc, the material is pretty intense.

Deficit Axle Deadlifts









I worked up to my minimum goal for the day of a single at 530, which I was happy with considering how beat down I felt.  To expound on my flexible programming at present, 530 was the minimum I was shooting for today and I would have liked to work up a little higher to 550 over the course of 1 or 2 more sets if I had felt like my technique was not breaking down too much.  Following that I would have dropped down a little to get in at least 10% more total volume than last time I did deficit axle deads.  However, this was not the day to be Balls to the Wall Natalie.  I cleaned up and studied neuro til about midnight after this.  I'm keeping my focus small since the reality is I'm 3 weeks into an 8 week semester and the last week is finals so I've only got 4 more weeks of class that will be chock full o' fun and games.