Wed, 27 Sept 17

"Heavy" Upper

I have had issues with crunching my upper lumbar spine before from turning an overhead press into a standing incline press though, so I if I start to get bent back I'll call halt unless I can fix it.  The only time in recent memory that I haven't been able to hit a pretty easy 300 log was when I had to stop all standing overhead work for a couple months at the end of grad school cause I had jacked my back up so much from an increase in strict pressing.  Even saying all that though, my strict press numbers are garbage.  I'm not going to address it directly, but I'm going to see if now that I am able to do incline benching without stupid pain in stupid places how getting my incline bench better will carryover to my strict OH press.  So I gotta have a starting frame of reference.

Strict Axle Press









SG Axle Rows/L. Raise



Like most of my training days this semester, I had to go study all night when I finished here so I am trying to stop before I get so tired it affects me cognitively afterward.  But man do I miss finishing up training with conditioning and being able to get in more assistance work, which I'd say I need more of right now based on the annoying minor injuries I am racking up.