Need: More Sleep & More Calories - Priorities Moving Forward and DL Video

"Chipping away   ..2 priorities for the coming weeks are trying to get more sleep and adding in more quality calories - I underestimated how many more I’m burning with training now. I’m in good shape, just gotta bump back up a few more lbs, and it’ll help with getting my recovery back on track too."

Sunday - Speed & Strength for SQ/DL + Conditioning

A. 6x1 Light Power Cleans - Superset with reverse hypers during warmups.

B. Deadlift - 485x5 ("1+" week)

C. Cambered Bar Box Squats - 8x2 w/ 275lbs & 405x3

D. 6 Trips on Farmer's Walks w. 225lbs per hand

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