new bench shirt

Dave and Metal are working to redesign one of the bench shirts and the prototype came in this week. Today was the first day we tested and it's got potential...


worked up to 315 for a single raw

put on new test shirt #1

405 for a triple to a 3  board

405 for a single to a 2 board

405 for a single to a 1 board

405 to the chest for a single

455 to the chest for a single

The shirt worked well but we are going to make some adjustments. The material is pretty stretchy which is great for ease of getting the bar to touch without a lot of weight but it rebounds a little slow and we want more pop off the chest. We are also going to reduce the materiel between the collar and the sleeves to give more stability at lockout.  I think there is a lot of potential here and a couple of tweaks and it might be the best shirt ever.


low pulley cable rows

150 for 4 sets of 15 reps


Todd Brock dumbbell shoulder routing

several shoulder movements with dumbbells that hit all parts of the shoulder and upper back. I'll have to get a video of this to be able to have it make sense.

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