Tues, 27 Jun 17

Block 13, Wave 1 - OH

School is kicking my butt this semester so I am cutting down on my training (at least for the next 2 weeks) so I don't always have to try and figure out what stays and what goes and also I'm going to try to throw every training day since I'm only about 6 weeks out from my first highland games and I still suck wang at everything.

Light Weight For Distance (1 turns)

10 throws x 28

These were ok, but I was trying to fix too many things at once so I didn't make much progress.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 185




Close Grip Neutral Grip Pullups



Overall I felt like pretty terrible from a number of stressors trying to beat me into submission.  Nothing felt difficult or heavy, but I felt awful doing it.