New Strongman Training Program & How I'm Organizing Things (for now)

..As I mentioned in my last post, I'm starting to train for a strongman competition and taking advantage of there being a strongman crew in the area to learn from as I take on the new challenges. (Exact competition is TBD, but it looks like Iron Asylum may be hosting one in January).

I spent the past few weeks thinking through how I should adjust training - with the main factors being:

  1. When the Strongman Crew at Iron Asylum trains
  2. Which days I have access to the gym with specialty equipment (versus when I train at the UC Campus Recreation Center where my office is located)
  3. My work schedule
  4. Recovery (stress, sleep, time between sessions, etc)
  5. Slowly adding in new movements and focuses for strongman while doing it in a way that keeps momentum going from current training

..While I have a fair amount of strength programming/training/coaching knowledge, I'm very new to things in strongman. So I'm sure as I learn more from the lifters at Iron Asylum, communicate more with my elitefts teammates, read more, and just generally learn from trial and error, things will evolve and change quite a bit. I'm approaching this whole experience with humility and being prepared to learn, while still primarily organizing my own training program - this is part of what I like about training, and even if it means stumbling a bit, it's an opportunity for me to learn first-hand and be accountable to all my training decisions.

Based on those factors I listed above, here is what my current weekly training split looks like to get things rolling:

Sundays - Explosive: Lower Body / Strength: Deadlifts & Squats / Conditioning: Loaded Carries

Mondays - Off/Light Recovery (aka chasing my pitbull around)

Tuesdays - Off

Wednesdays - Strongman Event Training @ Iron Asylum

Thursdays - Full Body Hypertrophy & Stability/Prehab (this ends up working around whatever we did for event training Wednesday night)

Fridays - Off

Saturdays - Explosive: Upper Body / Strength: Overhead Press / Accessories: Upper Body

..It's kind of a goofy setup compared to what I've been doing, but after 1 week down (I'll post logs from the week soon), I think it will work well as long as I'm smart about recovery and adjusting things around what we do for event day. I may move things around as I see what recovery looks like.

The main changes from my previous training split will be more explosive work added in, a larger focus on overhead work, strongman-applicable conditioning, and obviously the strongman event day (which will rotate different events each week).

Stay tuned for more info as I learn through this process and adjust accordingly..


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