Thurs, 3 Oct 19

Block 3, Week 3, Day 2 - DE OH/BP


BB w/ups





The weight felt easy, but my sequencing was crappy today and I was either bending my arms early or extending my hips late on all reps of my work sets.

Chain AmBar Split Jerks (2 sets)

complex x 40 - Add chains




I realized about halfway through my work sets that I was not holding the American Bar in the same rack position I use for the log, which kind of defeats my whole basis for using the AmBar more in my training.  After I corrected this, everything felt much better on my left shoulder and the weight felt much lighter and my lockouts were all solid with no press outs.

SG Rows/L. Raises/Band Face Pulls

10x135/15x20/20x light band

3x{8x205/12x25/20x light band}

The face pulls were a poor choice since my shoulders felt like wet noodles by the end of that complex.

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