Background: I work at OSU as a graduate teaching associate and lift at Ludus Magnus. I am a raw lifter who competes in the 105lb weight classes, and am currently prepping for my next meet (when grad school finally gives me a weekend off) . Currently, I am in the process of trying to accomplish my lofty lifting goals,survive graduate school, and teach undergraduates about what I really love, TRAINING..


Concentric Block,Wk 3: ME upper (Friday)

Warm up-general

Warm up-specific
1. 3 x 50 battle ropes
2. 3 x 15 lat pull down

3. Close grip concentric pin press (at chest)
Up to 135 x 2
raised the pin up a hole
135 x 2
raised the pin up a hole
135 x 2

3.DB single arm rows
3 x 5 x 100lbs each!

4. DB incline '
3 x 5

5. Band pull aparts, bent over
till Failure

Sorry for brevity, I've been scrambling to survive prepping my thesis 🙁