Sat, 17 Sept 16

Block 7, Wave 1 - Events

I had planned to throw weight over bar first today, but Gregg wanted to try training press after doing yoke since he has to do it that way at Maryland's Strongest Man, and while my way would have been more efficient on many levels, I am still a couple months out from my next competition so I said WTF and just did the event order he wanted.  I will not be doing this again though as it really screwed up the end of my training.  Moral of the story - pressing last is awful (but at least Ryan and Bill did well), and throwing last is even worse.

Yoke/Farmer's Medley

50' x 250/50' x 110

50' x 340/50' x 110

50' x 450/50' x 200

50' x 450/50' x 250

50' x 450/50' x 270

This was the first time I have trained both yoke and farmer's together and I am happy with how my knee felt, but my conditioning is in shambles.  Since I went "heavy" last weekend on yoke, I planned to stay light today and try to work up to at least the heaviest I had done on farmer's since hurting my knee, if not more.  I got it and more and it was much improved from last time so job well done.

Keg Carry & Load (to 39")

3x {1x180, 1x230} - All good and easy.  Now I just need to clean out the 3rd empty keg I have and add a lot more weight to them all.

Log C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 85

complex x 105



3x155 - How do I follow a cautious return to training split jerks?  Apparently by doubling the weight used on a more difficult implement.  I still felt good for a lot more, but here again, I am going to force myself to gradually work back up in the interest of not being a dummy.  I was only splitting my left leg forward today and the focus I needed to do it well was preventing my from correcting my right leg from internally rotating when I split it back.  Even though I could feel it happening, it was taking all my focus to keep my left leg moving properly.

Weight Over Bar

1ea x 28 to 12'

1ea x 28 to 14'

1ea x 56 to 10'

a crap load of misses on both arms with 56 to 12'

This whole fiasco was appallingly terrible for all involved and the decision was reached not to throw at the end of training ever again.  Other than that though, today was a solid day with progress made by everyone in one way or another.