November 13

TTF lower warm up

SS yoke Bar Squats work up to single. Worked up to 515lbs

Single leg squat (knee to ground) 3x5 BW

PRONE LEG CURLS 3x5 got to second to last plate. 

November 14

Hammer Shoulder.  5x8.  Worked to 2-45’s each side

Hinge Pull-downs.  5x8.  Worked to 160lbs

November 15th

Treadmill 6min.  4.20 at 3:6mph. Then 40sec at 4:6mph

Neck 95lbs 1x15

AbCore. 3x12.  25/50/50lb

November 16th

TTF lower warm up

Partial Deadlift w/pause-iso. Work up to a single. 135/225/315/405/495lbs

Ab Pulldown 4x5. Worked to stack 

Bulgarian spilt squat. 4x5 each leg. BW,BW, 17lbs, 25lbs

Nov 17


BENCH press (shoulder saver) 135/185/225/275/315/365/405/430/435lbs

315 rep test (shoulder saver) x14

Pull-Ups 2x12 BW w/assistance, 1x7 BW only 

Pretty good week. No issues keep adding weight week to week.

For our clients we hit a deload or lightened load. Bunch of light reps with different exercises and extra stretching and conditioning. Will be hitting it hard next few weeks