Sat, 9 Sept 17

Quick Throwing Session

Monday starts a long stretch of brain busting PT school fun with "quizzes" (not quizzes), exams, or projects on 4/5 days next week, with more to follow.  Time to sort the buyers from the spyers, the needy from the greedy, and those who trust me from those who don't!  I only had a little bit of time to train this morning because my initial plan got waylaid when I went to my old throwing field prior to throwing at Iron Strong, only to find it has been plowed under and piped for sewage and water because they are building more houses on it.  While this is a positive sign for the local economy, it was not a positive sign for my limited training time.  I lost about an hour in extra driving and loading/unloading equipment, but did end up making it to ISCF to do a little stone practice.

Stone Throws

not much warmup since I had actually warmed up at home in my garage gym prior to heading out

10 throws x 16 lb shot put

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Since it took me about 5 throws not to feel like I had noodle arms, I probably should have re-warmed up, but as I said, time was a factor today.  Things did start to look up toward the end and while I wasn't trying to throw bombs today (thankfully, because that would have been a stupid plan), I did make progress on some technique issues I was struggling with prior to the Aberlour games.  Plus I got to shoot the doo doo with Dave for a bit while I was doing it and we compared notes on the state of strongman and the state of powerlifting.

The next few days will now be the opposite of what I was doing a week ago - instead of keeping a string of continuous training days in a row going, I will be riding the pine until mid-week or so, depending on the volume and intensity of my braindeer games (this made me laugh far too much when I typed it).