Off Season Training - Some training and alot of sucking....

Im wanting to really train, train so bad I cant stand it. Still 4 more weeks or just chilling and it sucks.

My arm is broke. My knee is popping out of place 5 to 10 times a day. Usually when using the bathroom or getting up from a seat. This makes life even more enjoyable. Im waiting to get an MRI so I can find out what is wrong with this issue.

Being in the ER 3 different times since the meet has been nothing short of suck ass. I got to get healthy and heal up. Not being able to do much is testing my patience and my sanity.

My other focus right now gym wise is getting my lifters in off season shape in preparation for our next training cycle. My Team will be competing in March 2020 at The IPA Tennessee State Championships next.

Here is what I did today....

Leg Curls

5 x 10

Rev Hyper

5 x 10


5 x 10

Leg Press

5 x 10

Standing Machine Calf Raises

5 x 20


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