Off Season Training - Week 1 Day 2....

Today I had my Team bust out some reps on deadlift, sumo style. We do this for a few weeks so they are forced to work muscles they dont normally work in this style plus its a great change up due to most of them pull conventional. And yes my only two sumo pullers, pull conventional during this time.

Obviously since I cant do this with them currently, I am primarily Coaching them at this point and giving them encouragement to push through these tough sets. You must do things you hate and cant do well to open doors for the things you like to do to become better. If this powerlifting thing was easy everyone would do it and have elite totals but thats not the case....

For myself I did some supplemental training. Only stuff I can really do right now, so not much....

Seated Banded Face pulls

5 x 20

DB Shrugs

5 x 20

Standing DB Front Raises

5 x 20

Standing DB Side Raises

5 x 20



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