Mon, 10 Oct 16

Block 7, Wave 3 - OH

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175


3x245 - Meh

2x260 - This set felt much better.

1x275 - This was less a split jerk and more just a step back since my front foot didn't move at all, but at least it was still easy.

clean only x 310 - Still finishing up with cleaning the top weight I was originally supposed to be pressing before modifying the percentages I'm using.  My urge to press it is growing as well, but I am determined not to be a dumb dumb.

Reverse Band Seated Log Press (avg bands)






The 3rd rep of the 2nd set took a solid 10 sec to press out because I was slow to get my head through, which totally killed my 3rd set.

Towel Pullups/Rollouts/Back Ext


8xBW/15xBW/15x50 - Grip was totally shot for the last set of towel pullups.  I had to drop and re-grip twice just to get 8 reps, vs. no re-grips during the first 2 sets.