Mon, 8 Oct 18

Upper Work Capacity

Strict Log C&P (clean once)

complex x 85

5x85 - Start 5 sec negatives


This was 2 more sets than last week before my fatigue got to the point of making my stability garbage.  I set an ongoing EMOM timer again so I had about 25-30 sec rest between sets.  Next week I'll bump up the weight.

Seated Close Grip Cable Rows/Multi Position Lateral Raises

10 sec hold + 10x145/5x15

10 sec hold + 10x155/5x15

10 sec hold + 10x165/5x15

Shout out to Dr. Dan Pope for the idea of the lateral raises.  Each rep of the multi position lateral raises consisted of going all the way up to overhead (about 180 degrees), lowering to about 135 degrees, back up to overhead, lowering to 90 degrees, back up to overhead, lowering to 45 degrees, back up to overhead, then all the way down.  These smoked my shoulders, but I had good control on all sets with no pain or problem changing directions so I will probably not keep them in my programming right now because I want to focus on specific areas in which I'm weak to get my overhead stability back up.

Low Incline PVC Bench Press/DB Curls

15x100/15ea x 35

15x120/15ea x 45

15x140/15ea x 45

External Rotations

2x15ea x 5

I did these with my arm at 90 degrees of abduction (straight out to the side) and supported on the bench with a high incline so I still had tension at the top.  Body positioning was awkward so I'll just do them prone next time.