Mon, 16 July 18

Upper @ Healthy Baller

I got my act together after sandbagging last Monday and made what I feel is improvement on the viking press.  That said, even though I did well, it didn't feel great.  Or maybe I just think that because I finished with a tabata again.

Viking Press (rack setup)







4x2x300 - I felt strong, but shaky today on these.

Meadows Rows/Barbell Front Holds

10eax45/30" x 15

6ea x 70/60" x 15

3ea x 90/60" x 20

6ea x 110

2x6ea x 115

Since my Meadows row handles are at home, I'll need to strap in next week if I go up much heavier on those.  I dropped way down on weight for front holds to test out how my right shoulder responds today and had no pain, even with holding it for a minute, so I'll keep these in and work up on weight.

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns/Banded DB Floor Press

8x150/8x80 + light band

2x{8x160/8x85 + light band}

Airbike Tabata

This was still awful, but much less so than last week.