Oops...I may have done it again

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been squatting lately. I posted a couple of weeks ago that I felt something give way in my back while deadlifting and needed a deload. Well a day or so after that happened I began feeling tingling, shooting pain and burning sensations down my left leg and into my foot just like I had when I herniated my disk back in 2012. It didn't go away over the weekend and I was fearing I'd herniated something again so I went and saw a back specialist last Monday and proceeded to get an MRI Wednesday. They gave me the disk with the images after the MRI and of course I rushed home to look at them to survey the damage. What I saw didn't make me happy, but I'm not a radiologist so of course it all looked awful to me. I finally went back today for my follow up with Dr. Weber and to get the results of the MRI. What was found was that I hadn't herniated anything again, but had reaggravated the old injury and had developed a bone spur that is now pressing on the S1 nerve root, hence the burning and tingling sensations, but the good news was that I wasn't in need of surgery again. The Dr. and I discussed what I should do since the prednisone I was on had helped and he suggested I take some time to rest and recover (4-6 weeks) and then resume training. My wife also suggested this route since she's tired of hearing me complain about my back and doesn't want me to injure myself worse by pushing forward with training and simply enduring the pain. That being said, I decided to withdraw from the Relentless Minnesota meet and focus on recovery as well as strengthening and stabilizing things similar to what Carroll has done.

After a few weeks I'll see where I'm at and what I'm capable of and will go from there.



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