Went into the gym today for one of my last training sessions before my bench only meet on Saturday.  Today I worked up to a paused opener and then went a little above that.  I plan to open at 180 or 185, so I did that and it felt awesome, and then I did 195 paused as well, which flew up.  I notice I always seem to do better with paused benches due to having to keep a certain level of tightness, which I never seem to be able to achieve with a touch and go bench press.

Anyway, as I head into this bench only meet I can't help but think about how different the experience is this time around.  I'm not stressed at all or trying to make weight, not feeling pressured about how much I can lift; I just feel really good.  My bench will be no where near what I could bench a year ago, but that's okay.  Things are way different this time around and everything is on my terms and on my time, whenever I'm ready.  I'm so excited to get back onto the platform in some capacity.  I also plan to do a bench only meet in December, I'm just not sure if I'm going to do that meet single ply or if I'm going to just do RAW.  I also scheduled an appointment with a new chiropractor on Friday that seems hopeful and does a lot of work with high level crossfit athletes.

Training went like this:

Bench: 185 & 195 paused
Tricep Push downs: 50x3x15
Face Pulls: 40x3x20
Back Extensions: BWx2x10