Thurs, 6 Sept 18


Box Jumps

5xBWto 24"

3xBW to 30"

3xBW to 36"

1xBW to 39"

1xBW to 42" - Video

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Turns out that I can't stand up straight after landing on the box at 42 inches because my head hits the ceiling.  This is also pretty close to maxing out my available boxes and mats I currently have in my garage.  I could have gone up another 3", but that's it.  I can't remember what my all time record is on these, I think it's 45" or so though.

Power Clean & Push Jerk (clean each rep)

complex x 45


3x3x145 - Left shoulder was feeling a little off so I kept it lighter.

DB Lateral Raises


Windshield Wipers/Side Lying External Rotation

2x{10eaxBW/15ea x 5} - 3 sec negative for both exercises