I’m currently in limbo land for about the next week until I decide what my next steps are, after competing at the XPC Finals. I'll keep up to date with what my plans are, as soon as I know.

For programming and coaching inquires, please email SmitleyPerformanceSystems@gmail.com

After the XPC Finals weekend the team got together to train and hang out at the compound. Being that I was 2 days off from a meet, I probably shouldn't have trained, but when I go to Elitefts, that's nearly impossible. So I decided I would get some arm training in and just have some fun. Ironcially enough I didn't even feel like I did a meet. I only had some minor soreness in my mid back, but otherwise I felt great! Maybe this was due to the amount of food I had ate and the HBCD all day during the meet...I don't know, but I wasn't going to pass up on this opportunity to have fun with my teammates and friends.

My volume was pretty high, but I never really pushed anything too much. I got a good pump and that was really it.

Moving forward I will still be lightly training this week and having some fun as I'm waiting to see how some things pan out first, but starting Saturday I will be back to training for something (more to come later) if the opportunity arises.

Warm Up
Band Pressdowns - 3x15
Band Curls - 3x12

A1) Crossbody Chain Tricep Extensions w/ Grenade
5x12 per arm

B1) Seated Incline Hammer Curls

C1) Seated Chest Press vs Mini Bands

D1) Mag Grip Seated Cable Rows

E1) Dip Machine w/ Fat Gripz
3x12 with slow eccentrics

F1) Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns

G1) Tsunami Bar Pressdowns
3 sets of near failure

H1) Tsunami Bar Curls
3 sets of near failure