Tues, 11 Dec 18

Speed OH/BP

Training after work today on one of my "early" days still ended up with me not even starting training until 5:30pm.  This would probably be fine if I could sleep in until 8:00am or so, but since I have to get up between 4:30 and 5:00 in order to be at work before 7:00, my brain is fried by the time I get home and training (for me) is far shittier that way than in the morning, even if I have limited time.

Speed Axle Strict Press (straight weight)

20x45 - BB

10x70 - Switch to axle




Still no working up, but my left shoulder was less fatigued than last time.

Speed CG Axle Bench (straight weight)





Strict NG Pullups/Dips



I dropped the last set of pullups and dips as well as my assistance work because I was getting all kinds of crooked and out of position on both of these and it was getting worse with each super set.

Today I did "better" than I did on my last speed OH/BP day, but I felt worse and was overall in a saltier mood.  Looks like I'll be going back to morning training again next week.