Tues, 7 Aug 18


I finally got back to my temporary residence (for 3 more weeks) in College Park, MD last night.  My return trip from Finland took almost 2 days total between planes, trains, and automobiles and my sleep and nutrition were largely trash, but I still felt ok today and my body weight was right where it was before I left, which tells me it will probably drop down a little after I get back to normal sleep, diet, fluid intake, exercise, etc.

Today Teddy and I had a special guest stop by to hang out and train at Healthy Baller - American University Head S&C Coach Sean Foster.  I hadn't seen Sean in several months so this was a welcome visit and since I am not currently training for anything specific, I told Sean and Teddy that they could pick today's training and I would be down with anything.  Sean and I hit some jerks out of the rack while Teddy started with RDLs and then all 3 of us worked through a quick strength circuit hitting both upper and lower.

BB Split Jerks from Rack

complex x 45





1x275 - Added wrist wraps


1x295 - Added belt

This was the first time I have done anything overhead with both arms besides viking press in over 3 months.  I felt rusty and my timing and force output was off (I was putting out waaaay more effort than needed for a couple of the lighter singles and almost lost the bar as a result), but overall nothing felt too bad except for my dainty wrists until I added wraps.

Cable Low Row/Bulgarian Split Squats/Single Arm Low Incline DB Bench


After this Sean had to head out and Teddy had to take his dog, Wilbur, out, so I did some easy tempo work on the airbike and then stretched for about 20 minutes.  My plan is to take it easy this week and then start getting my next block of programming setup this weekend.