Mon, 18 June 18

Upper @ BSG

Circus DB C&P

band warmups

5ea x 115

2ea x 145

2x2ea x 165

4ea x 165

I was a complete dumb dumb today and decided to hit a few extra reps on my last set.  This in and of itself wasn't bad because I still wasn't pushing it to failure, but I lost control lowering the DB and accidentally hit myself on top of my shoulder a bit too hard and gave myself a triceratops horn.  It figures that this is the first time I've done CDB without wearing my stupid neoprene shoulder protector.  It doesn't look or feel like anything serious, but still annoying with only 2 weeks to go til competition.

Neutral Grip Seated Cable Rows





Head Support Reverse Flys/L. Raises/GHR Back Extensions


Airbike Tabata

Back in the saddle again