Tues, 6 Nov 18

Primary Upper

Things went well with moving my higher intensity OHP from Saturday to my main pressing day except for one hiccup.  I had been cleaning the log prior to working on split jerks, which was fine on my shoulder.  I have also been cleaning the axle with lighter weights for my higher volume OHP days, which has also been fine.  But doing heavier axle power cleans prior to heavier split jerks aggravated my shoulder a little bit before I realized my mistake.  Once it dawned on me, I switched to pressing out of the rack, but my shoulder was still barking at me after, which led to shortening training today.

Axle C&J (clean once)

complex x 70




2x210 - This was the last set I cleaned and where I realized my mistake.

3x2x230 - My shoulder was aching a little bit during all of this, but nothing made it worse once I stopped doing power cleans and started pressing out of the rack.

Meadows Rows/SA Band Serratus Punches

12ea x 45

8ea x 90/20ea x light band

2x{8ea x 100/20x light band}

I didn't go up in weight on the rows like I had planned because they were bothering my shoulder a little bit.  I also have had a MF headache for most of the last 2 days and I was getting pretty sick of that BS too, so that was all for today.

New hire orientation for ATI yesterday and today went well and I start at the clinic tomorrow for a short day.  My work schedule will have 2 early days, 2 late days, and one middle day, so I'm not sure what my training schedule is going to end up changing to yet.  Most likely I'll train after work on my early days and then do events Sat and an extra day Sunday, maybe combined upper and lower assistance.  I could potentially train before work on my late days, but my Friday schedule is 9:30-6:00 to start with (it may change), which makes it tougher for me to schedule training around, so that will be an off day for now.