Mon, 12 Sept 16

Block 7, Wave 1 - OH

Last week ended one block of training and as I feel like I am recovering well and I hate deloads unless they are actually NEEDED (read: they are an option, not a necessity), I rolled right into the next block today.  I'm happy with the progress I'm making in rehabbing my knee, but the slowest area of improvement is definitely my pressing.  Today I was able to start adding push jerks back in with lighter weights and my push presses are getting strong(er), but I still have to modify my percentages for the time being.  I'm going to try adding split jerks in with a barbell on my assistance day this week to see how they feel and start to work back up in weight on them.  My goal is to have my overhead back up to at least 300 by MD Strongest Man, which is a little less than 90% of where I would ideally like to be, but is the minimum I would consider acceptable.

Log C&P (clean once)

complex x 85 - Added push jerks back into the warmup complex.

complex x 135

complex x 185 - Wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep push jerks in the complex at  this weight, but I was and even though I was a little hesitant, I didn't feel too bad about them.




clean only x 275 - I felt about 50/50 on going for a press, but those are high odds of me being a big dumb idiot so I'll hold off a couple more weeks on "heavier" pressing.  The clean itself also felt much worse than it should have and I'm not sure if it was a fluke or not, but I plan to address this in my programming as well.

Overall both cleaning and pressing the log felt much improved from 2 weeks ago.

Seated Reverse Band Log Press (avg bands)




2x3x230 - This felt much easier than last time, but I had some neck funk that I was making worse with each set so I held off on bumping up the weight and limited myself to 3 sets instead of 4 or 5.

Pullups/Rollouts/Back Extensions




Same deal as the rev band presses - I could see myself cranking my neck to the side on pullups as I started to get fatigued so I decided not to bump up the weight or do more than 3 sets despite them being significantly easier.  No need to make a minor muscle tweak into something worse.