Fri, 7 Oct 16

Block 7, Wave 2 - Assistance II

Nothing earth shattering about today's training, but I am making progress on both improving my technique as well as increasing my total amount of work done across the board, so today gets scored as a win.

BB Split Jerks

complex x 45

complex x 95

complex x 135

3ea x 145

3ea x 165

3ea x 175 - Doing sets of 6 reps is actually causing enough fatigue to begin to affect my technique at the end of my 2nd and 3rd sets, so I'll drop it down to 2 reps per leg next time.  I should clarify that this is neural fatigue more than muscular as the weight is still very light at this point.

Snatch Balance



2x5x115 - Gotta keep working different aspects of the snatch in preparation for PRs once I am able to get my hands on a WL bar.

Banded DB Floor Press/Peg Pullups

3x{8x90 + light band/8xBW} - Need more band tension on the floor presses and more reps on pullups.

Wide Grip Curls



2x8x85 - Happy to be getting back up closer to my normal weights on curls as the last vestiges of my elbow funk are going away.