Putting a Plan on Paper: Sat Down and Evaluated Training Logs from Past Several Years

..One of the great benefits of keeping a training log over the long run, is that you can sit down and take look at trends from training over a matter of years. Now that I've finished the job search/moving, I've been ready to refocus training and start getting more specific in preparation to compete again later this year.

I looked at the training cycles leading up to the past several meets I did, and evaluated what worked, what didn't, and WHY I thought each was the case.

My plan moving forward is to do the following (with changes operating in 4-week waves). After a period of time, OHP will transition to a bench movement for controlled speed work:

Day 1:

  • Primary: Overhead Press

  • Supplementary: High-Rep Wide Grip Bench Press

  • Assistance Work: Lat Work, Triceps, Biceps

Day 2:

  • Primary: Squat

  • Supplementary: Pause Squats

  • Assistance Work: Mid-Back, Hamstrings

Day 3:

  • Primary: Bench Press

  • Supplementary: Close Grip Bench Press

  • Assistance Work: Lat Work/Mid-Back Work, Triceps, Biceps

Day 4:

  • Primary: Deadlift

    • Speed Work

    • % AMRAP Set

  • Supplemental: Box Squats in Briefs (rotate specialty bars)

  • Assistance Work: High-Rep Reverse Hypers

joe schillero upa winter break

..I'll provide more info on what exactly I'm doing for the reps/sets/%s of each movement over the coming weeks..

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