A feisty vegan powerlifter with a zeal for training and a love for good food. I am prepping for my next meet in October following the Minimalist/M2 Method by Brian Schwab. Brian has been my coach for  over a year now, and the following logs are documenting my progress utilizing his training methods. 

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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Following my sub-par training session on Sunday, I had a not-so-fantastic deadlift session yesterday as well. My QL was acting up quite a bit as a result from my squat session, and I was getting a good amount of pain. I backed off the weight and got a little bit of volume in instead.

Went for an impromptu ART session at my chiro's office, and my back is now feeling much better.

On a completely unrelated note, I have been really missing my martial arts training. Judo was a lot of fun but unfortunately just too intense on my joints in combination with powerlifting, and it left me pretty injured. However, I have been staring at my gi in my closet for too long, and decided to get back into things during my off-season, but BJJ this time around. I take to grappling pretty naturally, and at least this way I can keep up my training without worrying about my SI popping out of place. First class is this Saturday! Fingers crossed. 



bar x 15




265x7 (x2)


Wide-Grip Pulldowns:


110x8 (x2)



90 x 12

100 x 12 (x2)


Chin-ups (neutral: