After coming off a top 10 all-time multiply bench press performance, I'm now taking a few weeks to get back into some light hypertrophy training. My focus right now is to keep my body healthy and feeling good, while laying a solid foundation to start a new off season full power training cycle by the end of August.

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Friday's training session was another quick one at the rec. I had about 60 minutes to squeeze this training session in between clients, so that left me with really about 45-50 minutes at the most. Nothing over the top, but just trying to use some time friendly options and machine and get a good pump and blood flow work before starting a new training cycle off this weekend.

My goal for this weekend (and just training week in general) is to find some good training max numbers, and then have an idea on how my body feels. It's been quite a bit of time since I've hit anything really heavy or hard on squat or deadlift, so I'm hoping to get in the 80% range of about last December and see what happens from there. I'll probably need at least a good month or two to get to about 90%ish numbers, but I think that's pretty possible if I'm smart and intelligent about the way that I approach things.

Items Used in this Training Session

Warm Up
Lateral Raises - 15
DB Overhead Press - 15
Rear Delt Raises - 15
DB Bench Press - 15
DB Skull Crushers - 15
DB Flys - 15
DB Curls - 15
DB Rows - 15

A1) Chest Press Machine

B1) Slight Incline DB Bench Press

C1) Neutral Grip Chest Press Machine
*I only used about 30 seconds of rest, and exploded on each rep.*

D1) Machine Flys

E1) Reverse Pec Dec

F1) Lateral Raises
4x12; then 2 drop sets
F2) Rope Pressdowns
4x15; then 2 drop sets