On Friday which is my usual OHP workout, I had to be in and out of the gym in about 35 minutes. So I basically kept everything super light, supersetted every exercise and got a ridiculous pump while doing so. I got an awesome sweat, everything was on fire and I was out of there. I was attending a graduation party with my girlfriend Christa out in Youngstown so I couldn't lollygag. When I hit squats half drunk the next day, I decided to practice some heavier singles in wraps to continue to get a feel for them while hopefully making my descent faster. I think if I can bring my squat down with greater speed, then overall my ascent and pop out of the hole will be greater. I don't mean dive bomb into the hole, but not slow as shit like I've been doing.
One thing I wanted to touch on as well was how I've been working on my diet and meals. I've been eating around 3300-3500 calories a day on training days and 2800-3000 on off days and I feel great and my body composition has been holding in a good spot. I don't feel like a bloated asshole who needs a CPAP to survive in daily life but my strength is the highest it's ever been.

OHP Workout

Set 1- 135 x 15, Set 2- 155x12, Set 3 165x12
A2. Pull Ups
All 3 Sets were 15 Reps

B1. DB Lateral Raises
B2. Bodyweight Dips

C1. Face Pulls
C2. Reverse BB Curls

D1. Captains Chair Abs
D2. Cable Ab Pulldowns

Squat Day

A. Squats
Bar weight x 20
Add Wraps
475x1505x1x2 Sets

B. Leg Extensions
6 Sets - 6 reps each leg back and forth until each leg was hit with 6 sets

C. Destroyed a Chipotle Burrito the Size of an Infant

D. Took a Nap