I’ve decided to start compiling my own “articles of the month” that go up here on EliteFTS. I’ve been an avid reader of EVERY article for roughly the past 6+ years, and it’s the sole place that I go to increase my knowledge base, lifting, coaching, and personal growth. If you aren’t reading the articles on this site, you are really doing yourself a disservice! With that being said, here is the month in review of articles I either found interesting, useful, or just down right awesome. These are articles that spiked my interest and only reflect my views, but check em out and you can expect these every month for a LONG time. Enjoy!

Due to multiple commitments, the Quick Picks Series has be dwindled down to the top 10 articles of the month that I enjoyed reading. While there are nearly 60 articles to sift through, picking just 10 is tough. I still highly encourage you to read ALL the articles, but if you're cramped on time, these are where I would start.

The Squat and Athletic Development - How We've All Been F*cking It Up by JL Holdsworth

Olympic Qualification: 5 Factors Why I'm Not Competing by Mark Dugdale

The Squat and Athletic Development: How We Have All Been F*cking It Up - Redefining the Squat by JL Holdsworth

Bodybuilding Exercises for Powerlifters - Get a Grip on Your Guns by Ben Pollack

The New Football Conditioning Test by Terry Joria

Q&A: Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally with the Correct Nutrition Strategies by Scott Mendelson

Conjugate Programming for the General Population by Jason Brown

Priorities for the Powerlifter and Bodybuilder - Upper Body Mobiity and Stability by Jason Colley

How To Approach Warm-Up Weights by Dave Tate

The Best Bench and Deadlift Variations from the Strongest Women in the World by John Gaglione