Last Sunday while at the EliteFTS S4 Compound, something tragic happened... It was time to get into my shirt this training cycle to see how everything fit etc. Since putting on muscle mass has been the main focus after the XPC Finals, I was a little worried about my shirt being too tight. I can deal with tightness and discomfort, but when my arms are dark purple it can make things a little more difficult when they should be. I'm not exactly surprised that my shirt was tight since I first got it when I weighed about 208 then stretched it out and competed in it weighing 220. Now I'm just under 230 so I think I was definitely pushing the limits on it. Long story short, I couldn't even touch with 50lbs more than my PR bench. When trying to take it off, we tried every trick in the book but that motherfucker wouldn't budge. When it looked like the tissue in my hands were borderline necrotic we decided to cut that sucker off. I'd say this was the first time I felt the "gear claustrophobia". I will say I am blessed because teammates Joe Schillero and Ted Toalston both gave me old shirts that they no longer use. They were a size 54 and 56 metal ace shirt. I've never used an ace but was willing to give them a try regardless. I ended up reaching out to teammate Shane Church who had a custom Jack that had the same size chest plate that my shirt did but a size bigger in the arms. I'll be trying that out this next ME upper day so stay tuned. It's amazing having teammates that will help you out in the blink of an eye. I'm sincerely grateful. Just so that day wasn't a total waste. I did some other accessory work after I let the blood return from my forearms to the rest of my body.

A. DB Rolling Tricep Extensions
50lb 4x20

B. Rope Push Downs

C1. Machine Lateral Raises
C2. Face Pulls

D. Neutral Grip Pull Ups