Sometimes I go to the gym and Casey isn't there so I'm like oh, cool, i'mma make up my own workout today....and then I kinda just proceed to do that. Today was one of those days, but tbh I kinda kicked my own ass.

Belt Squats: 90x4x10

Squats (ok ok I had to): bar x 3x5

Bench: 185x3x3

Leg Press: 3x10

Back Extension: 3x10

Pull Ups: 5, 5, 4

Squats with the bar felt really good, but again, the goal is to not be an asshole and get hurt again. This next week is going to be really hard to train due to moving and trying to cram work in, etc. I'm thinking one evening I might go on a walk and tens unit/stretching a few nights. Hopefully I can get to the gym next weekend in the midst of my move, but if not that's ok too. With the move I'll now be 10-15min from the gym rather than 45-hour, so it will make a giant difference when it comes to me getting my training in. And of course, my apartment complex has a gym on site open 24/7 so if I'm ever truly in a pinch, that's always an option.

All of the happiness as I start this new chapter. I have tons of changes (positive ones) coming my way in the next 8-12 months and I cannot wait.