Re-evaluating Squat training and dropping weights down for a few weeks

..My squat has been progressing really well the past year, but I think mainly due to training fluctuating the past few months and moving/etc, my hip has been really killing me lately. As I settle back into a training schedule, I dropped weights down slightly and am working on re-evaluating my stance/technique to try and find a balance between what doesn't cause too much pain and what allows me to hit depth/be as strong as possible.

Week 1/Day 2 - Squat

A. Squat (belt & knee sleeves) - Triples working up to 395x8, followed by 435x1 and 465x1

B. Pause Squat - 1x6 with 315lbs

C. Dumbbell Shrugs - 3x20

D. Hammer Strength Leg Curl - 5x10


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