Thurs, 27 July 17

Block 13, Wave 3 - OH

I got back home early Monday morning after taking the red eye from San Francisco to Philly and then a morning flight from Philly back to Salisbury.  While waiting in the Philly airport for the connecting flight, my left psoas (as far as I can tell) was causing MASSIVE issues with pain and mobility.  I could not get into a position where I was able to relieve the pain completely, even with lying down on the floor and elevating my legs on a chair.  I couldn't walk without clenching my jaw and most of my body to minimize any movement from my body other than what was absolutely necessary.  I was completely unable to bend over to pick anything up off of the floor and had to have my girlfriend hand me things if this needed to be done.  The most frustrating part of all of this was that I was pretty sure I knew what was wrong and how to fix it, but I was stuck traveling which meant I had no choice other than bring stuffed into crappy seats that were too small and being generally unable to move or stretch or change positions or use much of the knowledge I have about how to fix it.  I did have a lacrosse ball with me which I was using so much I'm surprised it didn't become permanently attached.  One bright point was that the flight from Philly to Salisbury was on a prop plane and we were sitting in the very back on a bench seat that actually had a little bit of lumbar support and didn't force me into such a cramped position as a regular plane seat.
When we finally made it home, I spent most of the next 4 days (early Mon through late Thurs) resting, stretching, doing RPR, METs, and soft tissue work.  It took 2 days before I even felt safe to drive myself anywhere alone in case it locked up again on me.  It was a little better on Wednesday and felt almost back to normal today so I figured I would give training a try.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135





My cleans were slow, my jerks were mostly push jerks with little to no splitting, all my reps were a struggle, but I was able to do it all without causing myself any pain or relapsing into the issues I had with my psoas locking up.

Close Neutral Grip Pullups



Pallof Holds/Alternate Arm Incline DB Bench (L,R,B=1)

3x{16 sec ea x light band/5x75}

I did 16 seconds for pallof holds because that was when I felt like if I kept going my psoas might start to bring in da noise and bring in da funk.