Mon, 26 Nov 18

Speed OH/BP

Speed Axle Strict Press (out of rack)

20x45 - Barbell

10x70 - Switch to axle



10x3x130 - Rest 30 sec

No working up and no accommodating resistance since I was playing just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels with this today.  Hopefully next block I can move on to playing ouch ouch, you're on my hair.  Everything felt good, but I could feel the back of my left shoulder getting fatigued from about the 7th set on.

Speed Axle Close Grip Bench Press




10x3x170 - Rest 30 sec

Everything felt lovely here, but I did lose focus and get sloppy with the bar path a few times.

Strict Neutral Grip Pullups/Dips



I had to kip on the last rep of my last set of pullups, but the dips are getting easier.

Meadows Rows/Band ABC Hypers

10ea x 90/10x doubled micro mini band

20ea x 45/10x doubled micro mini band

The heavier meadows rows (and probably any rows) when my shoulder is already in a fatigued state are still a little uncomfortable, so I dropped down on weight and doubled the reps and they felt fine, though miserable because as a general rule, I hate doing more than 8 reps on anything except calves and shrugs.