For the next month I am going to take a stab at no barbells in my training. Also I will be adding a lot more drop sets and pyramid sets. Its times to grind, burn off some excess chub, and put on a little muscle. This way I can still work very hard in the gym, but my joints get a break.

Shoulder circuit warm up: 10min

DB side raise
-4 sets working up to 25s for 12 reps
-Drop set: 25s/15s/5s

Seated DB OHP
-4 sets of 12 working up to 120's
-drop set: 120s/75s/35s

Seated front raise
4 sets of 25

Shoulder saver CG
5 sets of 10

Cable pressdown
4 sets of 20

Cable overhead ext
4 sets of 20