Tues, 3 July 18

Upper @ Healthy Baller

***SPOILER ALERT: I won USS nationals over the weekend!  Video is up on the tube and my writeup with pics and vid will be posted here soon.***

Winning nats also earned me an invite to 105k World's Strongest Man in Finland, which is coming up the first weekend in August.  This is awesome, but the timing could be better.  It's the same weekend as LTTX, so now I won't be able to make it to elitefts for that event, which means I still will not have been to the new compound at S5.  Regardless, I'm looking forward to world's for sure.

I was pretty sore from competing on Saturday so my training this week is not a deload, but rather a reload to start focusing on the events for world's.  I'm keeping the intensity moderate and the volume pretty low, with just 2 work sets per exercise.

I also am able to do some of my training at work this time around for my last clinical at Healthy Baller since it is a training facility that does speed and strength work for athletes along with PT all under one roof.

Strict Landmine Viking Press





These sets were all RAW with testicles.  I will probably alter the setup from the landmine to the barbell strapped to a safety pin in a rack for future training since the press event on day 1 of world's is a viking press.

Meadows Rows/DB Front Holds

10ea x 45

10ea x 70/30 sec x 15

10ea x 80/30 sec x 15

I did the front holds because one of the world's events is either a front hold or a press medley.

Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns/Half Kneeling Landmine Lateral Raises

2x{10x140/10ea x 45}

The lateral raises were much tougher than I expected and challenged my trunk muscles a little more than my shoulders.

Banded DB Floor Press/Head Support Reverse Flys

2x{8x70 + light band/15x10}

Sled Bear Crawls

4x80' x sled + 225