Tues, 6 Sept 16

Block 6, Wave 3 - DL

This is the last week before my training schedule will start to get less definite due to alternating weeks of clinical practicum.  As such, I'm trying to get my knee rehab plan nailed down as well as my programming heading into my next training block so that once I get my training days and times figured out I will know what I am doing and can get in and get it done.  Also, the combo of increased school demands of summer semester (which is thankfully behind me), and the initial limitations caused by injuring my knee seems to have brought back the stupid deadlifting weakness that plagued me most of last year where I rotate the right side of the bar forward during my pulls.









2x560 - I got the left leg death shake at lockout (not during the actual pull) so I stood there holding the bar until I got that under control and then pulled my second rep, but I helicoptered on number two so that was it for today.  The shaking is weird to me, but at least I know what I need to do to fix the helicoptering - more back extensions and variations.  I really want/need a reverse hyper.

DB Reverse Lunges

10ea x BW

10ea x 15

10ea x 25

10ea x 35

Paused TKEs (5 ct hold)/Blast Strap Leg Curls/Seated SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

15ea x avg band/15xBW/20x245

15ea x avg band/15xBW/20x295

15ea x avg band/15xBW/20x315

For my squat and deadlift days, everything I am doing after my primary exercise is programmed to help get my left knee back to 100% or better.  I have also added in some more specific things to my warmup for my knee that I do on all training days and some non-training days.  It is definitely getting better; my main worry right now is whether I will be able to be competitive in time for Maryland's Strongest Man in November.